Sunday, January 06, 2008

On Friday, Lily got introduced to Molly(and her tongue) at David's party.

I'm a little behind with my goals as I'm still catching up from being away from home. Somehow I missed some magic window with Lily's sleep and now I'm having to go back and fix all of our bad habits. She's 6 months and shouldn't be eating 3 times during the night. So, establishing routines has been my focus since the 1st.

2007 goals revisited:
1. successfully carry and birth a baby ---done and done

I realized that all other aspirings are trumped by this one monumental event... so why feel like a failure if I don't accomplish them.

1. make a foray into the world of digital scrapbooking ---I'm getting the hang of it.
2. begin making strides toward getting a book published ---tried an online literary agent, but I wasn't sure if it was a scam... so I created a storybook blog****I just posted the book that I created for luke and lily at Christmas.
3. put more effort/time into friendships...
3a. call people --the phone is my friend, the phone is my friend, the phone is my friend
--- ummmm.... I THOUGHT about calling people a lot more.
4.make a conscious effort to do things that I KNOW will make Jeffrey happy... like loading the dishwasher, cleaning the toothpaste splatter on the mirror, etc.--- I definitely do the dishes now... but toothpaste splatter can still be found from time to time
5. be more active... normal people don't need to start winding down at 4:30... there are still at least 2 more usable hours in the day ---Lily doesn't allow me to be inactive
6. choose to have a positive attitude at work.... "hide it under a bushel... NO! I'm going to let it shine!" ---it's a lot easier to be happy at work when your job is this

My big 2008 goals are:
1. Be a better housecleaner. Stick to an organized schedule for daily chores.
2. Be more encouraging to others.

3. Restart having a daily quiet time with Jeff.
4. Put others before myself and not feel sorry for myself.

5. Allow myself to have a creative outlet... time for scrapbooking, writing stories, taking pictures, etc. ****speaking of... Jeff and I have taken a cue from Laura and Andy and decided to participate in project 365(taking a photo a day for a year)-- check out our progress on


laura said...

i have to say - you definitely made a concerted effort on the phone front - i'm proud. so excited you guys are dong p365. we've enjoyed looking at your pics thus far. keep it up :)
oh yeah, and i just discovered this - not sure if i'm gonna do it, but it looks cool!

David James said...

Going back and taking stock of your 2007 goals is very impressive. It must be your inner human resources consultant.

I'm glad Molly and Lily bonded over a wet kiss. It's Molly's way of saying, "I approve of this little human."

The James Family said...

When you get on a daily chore schedule please share it with me--I always can use help in that area.

I really do think you should be a published author. You are very talented. Don't give up on that goal!