Sunday, December 16, 2007

We just had a Kimmel family Christmas weekend that was very fun... due a lot to Mark getting guitar hero. Lily reverted to her newborn sleeping habits and wanted to be held. The second we laid her down she'd scream for hours. Exhausted, we conceded to let Lily sleep in the bed with me. Jeff was demoted to the floor on night 1 and the futon on night 2. I'm REALLY hoping this isn't a preview for our Minnesota trip next weekend.

It's been a very panda Christmas for Lily. I've said since Lily started packing on the pounds that she looks like a little baby panda when she sits.... so Gymboree read my mind and introduced a whole panda line. She's now got 2 stocking hats... she's going to be like The Edge... with animal ears.

I think Lily's new toys are more of a gift to ME. It's so refreshing to have some new stuff to play with for her.

Thanks to my parents I have some new "running" shoes... (note: there is a very good chance there will be little to no running done in them as I would rather poke my eyes out) to replace the ones that I've had since my sophomore year in college. I also have a new pair of my FAVORITE jeans, (citizens of humanity)as I rubbed holes in both of my other pairs with growing pregnant thighs. My mom and I stood in the boutique trying to decide if I should accept the fact that I'm no longer in college and give it up with the nice jeans... but then I saw the new HIGH rise bootcut.
Perfect... designer MOM jeans. Now I can tuck away my loose mom belly in style and feel good about myself again.

I made Lily's baby's first Christmas ornament and it surprisingly turned out pretty cute.


Anonymous said...

Cute kids! Cute hats! Cute orament!Cute Mom Jeans! Nana

laura said...

lily is the cutest little panda ever! glad y'all had a good "first Christmas." the ornament is precious - i need to do that :) AND, really, did you have to tell me about the Citizens?!?
p.s. i LOVE your Christmas card.

Anonymous said...

First, why didn't I get a Christmas card? Am I not on the elite list? Does one only get a Christmas card if one has a child? Is there some sort of competition? Anway...Second, I'M ENGAGED!!!