Sunday, November 11, 2007

We just had such a nice visit from Jeff's parents. Lily is just now recovering from the initial boredom from just having 2 people around all the time. She got pretty used to being carried, rocked, strolled and having constant attention. Kids that get to have both sets of grandparents around are really the luckiest kids in the world.

I am just recovering from not being able to scrapbook all day. I've tried doing it while she naps... but once exposed to all of the high dollar tools that Carla had-- its just not the same.

Yesterday my mom and I went the Kingsland Craft Show that only comes around twice a year to our sleepy little retirement village of a town. It was heartbreaking! We tried to walk quickly and not make eye contact with certain exhibitors that paid 50 dollars to rent a booth. It takes real talent to make a fully reversible, one size fits all sun hat... but if I bought something from everyone I felt sorry for-- I would have bought something from all 8 booths. Needless to say... we'll save ourselves the heartache next time and not go.

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