Friday, September 21, 2007

You would think sleeping for 9 hours in a row at night would be enough... but no... I would like Lily to be able to nap well too. Napping has recently become an issue again. She'll nap as long as I'm holding her. I try to set her down in her carseat, in her swing, in her baby papasan, in her crib... and between each failure have to walk her around to get her to go to sleep again.

Desperate... I laid her on the couch with my face about an inch from hers and try to hold the pacifier in her mouth. When she finally stopped crying and fell asleep, I practically levitated off of the couch to finally get something done. I looked down at this:

That stupid hospital pacifier (which is still the only one she'll even accept in her mouth) and the blanket had me worried about her being able to breathe. I didn't want to change anything if it was keeping her asleep. So... I ended up sitting on the coffee table watching her the whole time... utterly defeating the whole purpose of getting her to sleep alone! At least if she was sleeping on me, I could be facing the TV. I'd watch to make sure I could see her chest rising... and just when I'd start to panic... she would do her Maggie Simpson impression with the pacifier and I would calm down. Then the pacifier kept falling out and I'd have to replace it instantly before she had a fit. I ended up sitting on the coffee table-- with my back to the tv --holding the pacifier in her mouth-- my back hurting just as bad as if I were holding her-- just wishing she would wake up... so I could finally get something done.

This is what Lily left behind on the couch. Like mother - like daughter.

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Suzanne said...

This post was so funny. At least she sleeps really good at night (unless she is at our house). 9 hours straight for a 2 & 1/2 month old is REALLY good in my opinion. I wish she liked the car. That was always a good option for me and Luke b/c at least I could drive around and feel like I was getting out of the house.