Monday, August 27, 2007

We've just returned from Lily's very first trip to Minnesota. She was perfect on the plane rides, set a record of sleeping 7 hours one night, started smiling regularly, and even outgrew some of her 3 month outfits while there. We had Lily baptized at Jeff's home church, had a wonderful shower at the Rohnes' house to introduce Lily, and I got to see northern Minnesota for the first time on a Horseshoe Lake vacation.

A few favorite things from our trip that I'll miss:
hearing things like "monsterella sticks", "chicken-munks", and "pocket kniTHe"
birch trees
having a constant supply of Jeff's mom's homemade sugar cookies
staying at the Amdahl's beautiful lakehouse
having someone to watch High School Musical II with
eating at the cleanest Arby's in America
needing to wear a sweatshirt in August
getting to go H&M in the mall of america
Jeff getting to play lots of catch
Jenni's homemade cheesecakes

....sad how many are about food.

Note: the video on the website is from our trip. Isaac, Jeff's youngest nephew, is shouting to the boy from across the street, who had come over to play. He was riding home to his house to go to the bathroom. Listen closely to what Isaac yells.


Anonymous said...

O MY CRAP. Mini-Shwainhead is the cutest thing in the history of babies. Well, at least until mine grace the earth. One day I must come and meet Mini-Shwainhead in the flesh. Normal Sized Shwainhead: I miss you. Jeff: You're cool.
- Little Malhead

Suzanne said...

Lily is too cute. I need to see her SOON. It sounds like y'all had fun. I wish I could go to H&M. THe pics on your website are great with all of Jeff's family. I watched the video but could understand it, I will watch it again.

I really wish you would post 8 random facts about yourself. I have a feeling it will be a classic. Don't worry about being funny. You are funny even if you don't try.

Laura said...

lol. hilarious. the things to look forward to with a BOY!! haha. you don't often hear girls asking their friends, "number 1 or 2?" do you?!?!
glad that you posted and had a great trip. Lily is ADORABLE! isn't it so much fun? you need to work on your phone skills so we can talk more. get on that, ok?