Sunday, September 24, 2006

This seals the deal...

I've gone baby crazy. I have a brand new little nephew, and he's about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I want to eat him more than any other kid ever before. I remember when Jeff and I first met and he met my family, I asked him if his family did and talked about the same kind of things that my family does. He said, "No... we mostly just watch the kids and talk about the kids." I don't think I ever fully understood until I just sat for about an hour watching little Luke sleep and reported everytime he raised an eyebrow like he had just done a backflip. He's definitely a welcome addition in the family.

We just got back from Hawaii thanks to Jeff's great work ethic. He once again won a trip from Hormel. Thankfully, this time he was able to take ME. It was beautiful there and our hotel was super nice. We did not get to accomplish my one wish of horseback riding, but we did go snorkeling. I realized something about myself from this experience. I'm terrified of sea creatures of any sort. I practically hyperventillated just swimming over the coral. There were just too many dark holes that evil creatures could just dart out of and zap you. Jeff saw an eel and swam over a giant sea turtle while I was sitting safely on the beach. I probably would have figured out a way to walk on water had it been me. I did, however, see a weird land creature that intrigued me. It was sort of half otter half squirrel and it ran right past the roosters behind me on the beach into the bushes. That glimpse of wild life along with the 2 fish I saw... was enough of a snorkeling experience for me. $6 well spent.


Laura said...

are you pregnant yet?!?! Can't even wait to see a little shwain running around :)
love you

Keeping Up with the Jameses said...

I just noticed how much we look alike in that picture. You're just way more tan than I am and your hair is cuter.

your big sis