Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yesterday morning I left my noisy wind tunnel of a bedroom that Jeff has made me acclimate to, only to hear another sound. It was like I had just stepped out of a tent. The crickets were so loud that I was sure we had left a window open or something. I left for school giving Jeff the mission to find the window that was open during the day.

During school, my day was interrupted several times by shrieking children. One rolled an eye over to see a cricket sitting next to his head on the library center pillow. Another time a cricket liked the story I was reading, so he decided to hop in and join us at the carpet. The children were aghast when I instructed them to step on it and then put it in the trash can. My justification to their " Awwww"s was, "Hey, if I dropped into a cricket classroom... I would fully expect for them to dispose of me as well."

I returned home to find that Jeff had located the source of our house sounding like a campsite. He opened the garage door to reveal about 80, 000 crickets. I'm not sure what Austin, Texas has done... its probably only like number 3 on the lists of modern day Sodom and Gomorrahs.... Las Vegas would definitely be destroyed first .... but ....I'm talking about a plague of biblical proportions. I'm just praising Jesus that its not frogs.... I'd be saying " Minnesota... here we come!"

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markandsuz said...

That picture is great! It kind of looks like an altar. I think the plague may just be affecting south Austin because I haven't seen too many in Round Rock. I hope they stay in south Austin. I bet there won't be a plague of crickets in Hawaii! :)

p.s. Sorry I can never think of anything funny to say in my comments. Mom and Dad obviously saved all of the funny genes for you.