Monday, August 01, 2011

I promised Olson when we got married that I wouldn’t do it.  But, who can resist when one’s favorite color becomes super popular and available everywhere?
I don’t think it was deliberate.  But one day, I looked up and it was everywhere.
It’s the color that makes me happy… and I’m here all day, every day… so I think ‘El Jefe’ can learn to accept it.
DSC_0009-6 DSC_0006-9
 DSC_0004-9 DSC_0002-7
DSC_0003-9   kitchen

Naturally it would show up in our bedroom makeover.  I’ve said before that is the  most neglected room in the house.  Finally, after months of  begging to buy one and ‘accidentally’ leaving plans from this website up on the screen… and even printing them out, Jeff gave in.  No, he didn’t build me a farmhouse bed… but he actually made me something I love even more.  Antique door turned headboard.  Love, love, love it… almost as much as my handy, creative husband… who knows me better than I realize sometimes.
Much to his dismay, the new headboard required a drastic change in all décor.  As a stay at home mom, I hate for my hobbies to be a burden on the family resources… so my gracious, over-worked mother agreed to pay me to come and clean her house on a weekly basis.  20 by 20 I started saving enough for the pottery barn bedding I loved in the catalog.  After a tearful conversation with customer service, I was able to return it and get this instead.
Our sorry excuses for nightstands are still detested and embarrassing… but now…
at least they are my favorite color.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!! That color makes me happy also. Even as a child I dreampt of the day that I could have an aqua wedding. After Mark does all of our ceilings over, I want to redo our entire house in shades of brown, and blues!!! Won't he just love it too?????

Tara said...

hi. i'm steph's friend. love your blog. never comment though. seriously love everything turquoise in your house though ... beautiful ... it looks like it came straight from pinterest. love it!

The James Family said...

I love all your stuff and I will be the first to admit your style has GREATLY influenced mine!

Tom said...

You have a beautiful home. I heard Lily say the other day that she changed her favorite color from pink to turquoise-like mother like daughter. Love, Nana