Thursday, February 28, 2008

An officer showed up at our door on Wednesday...

thanks to an emergency phone call from this wise-guy:P2273874

It was the icing on the on my crappy-day cake. After he left, I immediately ordered myself a large pizza. They're going to have to lift me with a crane out of here -- if I keep comforting myself with food whenever Lily is fussy... seriously.

I started a story for my little baby panda on my storybook blog. I'll post a page every Friday.


The James Family said...

That is HILARIOUS!! I seriously can't believe that hasn't happened to us as much as Luke plays with the phone--but I am so glad it hasn't happened since they have to come to your house.

Lily is so cute. I just love her so much. She definitely has Jeff's eyes.

Anonymous said...

So, I was wondering what your plans for this coming Sunday are. I was thinking since I have Spring Break next week, I won't be doing homework, which means I could make a trip to come see you. What do you think?