Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lily had been rubbing her ear a little, so we figured she had an ear infection. Everything we found said to just wait it out and that doctors don't even give antibiotics anymore. Then she started running low grade fevers. We kept waiting. Then she puked like never before, so we took her temperature again and it read 104.8!!!! So, we took her in immediately. Turns out, she has a horrible ear infection and they gave her antibiotics. Last time I read to wait it out was with a cough, and it turned out that she had bronchialitis and needed breathing treatments.

I think I'm going to quit reading... and just take her to the doctor.

Anyway... this is the baby I've been dealing with all week:


Don't forget to go to Tomorrow, there's an extra cute picture of the little chubster we know so well. Monday, we'll have a new product to introduce.


Kim John said...

Ear infections are not fun! Nathan had one 6 months and was miserable! WE hope that you and Jeff have a great date night!

Anonymous said...

Even when Lily is cranky and not feeling good, she is still extremely cute. Nana

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there to help you with beautiful Lily. I would just love to sit and rock her for hours and hours.