Friday, February 15, 2008

Despite saying we would not be exchanging valentine gifts... I brought home Chuy's as a dinner surprise for Jeff and found a memory foam mattress topper waiting for me.

Here is Lily enjoying it before her bathtime... and right before she decided to spit up on my side of the duvet, so I got the pleasure of smelling regurgitated gerber turkey dinner and cottage cheese all night:

I posted the end of Grace's book today.... don't know what next Friday will bring.


David James said...

Lily looks about 4-feet long in that photo. Nice job, Jeff, on the memory foam.

Anonymous said...

Lily looks so comfortable. I too, love that feeling when you first lay down on a comfortable mattress. Lily's adorable. Nana

Anonymous said...

So, I watched your sweet music video on your and jeff's website. I think my favorite part is when you decide, as a backup singer, to go against the grain and do your own dance moves. Not many can get away with nonconformity in those types of situations. I commend thee.