Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 2 of no daddy time and I've got one crabby baby. Lucky for me, Jeff's trip happened to coincide with my dad's colonoscopy... which takes time with Nana and Grandad out of my list of options. Therefore, today I've exhausted my bag o' tricks and can't possible sing "Lily's a happy baby" one more time... so I've been doing a little experimentation as well.

de-crabbing a child: experimental scientific research

Something that always makes me feel better is eating. However, chocolate and coke are not an option for Lily yet. Thus, I gave her a biter biscuit which she gnawed on until it was dropped on the carpet and somehow magically became entangled in mom hair. I missed vacuum day yesterday (to go shopping... shhh!)
Conclusion: one huge mess... one mad baby when the hairy biscuit was taken away

(photo from previous biter biscuit experience)

Something that also is a comfort to me is pajamas. I had to change the biter biscuit destroyed outfit anyway... so I chose some footy pajamas to replace them.
Conclusion: no change.

I then reasoned with her that a nap would solve all problems.
Conclusion: she decided she needed to gum my nose by pulling my head to her with two fistfuls of tender over-ear hair.

We changed locations to the exersaucer... which ENRAGED her. So, I tried placing a nearby paper sack on her head.
Conclusion: she did not find this near as amusing as I did.

I got a dear friend out of her crib to cheer her up. She violently rubbed her nose with him and then gave him the thrashing of his life.
Conclusion: the blabla is a nice alternative to my head as an outlet for her aggression

Back to toys. I tried bringing out some new ones and placed a ring on her head
Conclusion: putting things on a child's head does NOT make them any happier.

The good ole' bug shoe is always a favorite for chewing... why not try that.
Conclusion: This picture tells all as the shoe is hurtling toward my face.

I used to always like to watch myself cry when I was little... so we went to the mirror. I'm not sure how it ended with a naked baby splashing in a sink full of water. Lily was amused by gnawing on the faucet and talking to that grumpy baby next to her ...until I had to take her out (By the way... I did NOT miss bathroom cleaning day this week... phew)
Conclusion: a LOT of water to clean up and one bulging diaper

Finally, the test subject had enough of her paparazzo mother and her camera.


Anonymous said...

Lily's the cutest test subject. The last picture is classic of a true "star". I am glad you shared. I love reading "Mommy World According to Shauna." I am glad to see you cherishing and documenting even the crabby days. I wish I had video of you and Suzanne when you were little. Nana

The James Family said...

Hilarious! Sorry Lily had such a crabby day and you had no Jeff or Nana to help you out. Luke has been crabby as well and I went to Lakeline Mall for the second day in a row so he could play in the germ-town aka play area. I also gave in and let him go play outside in the cold because I was tired of him crying by the door wanting to go out.

I think Lily is pretty blessed that she has a mom that will try so hard to entertain her.

Cristi & William said...

You crack me up! You're a trooper of a mom. I'll have to call you for ideas when our lil' one has crabby days. :)