Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just finishing up my breakfast of champions... chips, queso, and a cherry coke (it was the most appealing option that could be eaten one handed while trying to walk Lily to sleep) and realized I should update if she stays asleep.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my aunt Dixie Lee's house. I LOVE Thanksgiving! It probably has a lot to do with my aunt Dixie Lee. She's quite a lady. Sadly, they just don't make them like her anymore. She's the only one I know that could whip up a dinner for 50 from scratch, sew some bedroom curtains and an outfit, go to visit some friends, and still have energy to go clogging at a nursing home.

I'm SUPER excited for Christmas this year... even more than normal. Maybe its from having a daughter or having our own house to decorate. I popped in the Christmas c.d. that Suzanne made for me on about November 9th... I'm making the season last as long as possible. Jeff is insistent upon having a real tree... however, he was quite disappointed to find that we'd have to drive over an hour to cut one down ourselves.

I got to give him a glimpse of my tree choosing memories by traveling up to our local grocery store and paying $30 at the register and carrying off one of the 8 trees that they had leaned up against the side of the store. Jeff seemed a little depressed loading it into the family mini-van. Maybe when Lily's older we can put the extra effort in and drive to Bastrop...although she might not want a tree in her face when she's old enough to know better.


Anonymous said...


I can just imagine the whole Christmas tree incident. Love the picture of the tree in Lily's face!! She probably enjoyed the evergreen fragrant smell.

Love, Carla

laura said...

yay! more updates from the olson fam. lily is TOO cute. lovin your coat. even with my memories of choose n cut farms, we ended up at the local houston garden center and picked one up for 29.99 :) much easier! love.