Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jeffrey kills his first snake!

We're pretty close to living in the country here. My keen snake spotting eyes saw his beady little eyes poke up over the porch from the grass while rocking our poor little sick baby to sleep by the back door.

It gives me great joy to see a snake being killed. Ever since Satan chose to inhabit one in the garden of Eden, I feel God made it our duty to crush the head of every one we see... or have our husband do it. I'm pretty sure there's a verse for that.

I'm trying to research some kind of reptile poison that we could sprinkle around the yard. Surely that exists. I don't really mind if it kills other wildlife as well. I'm really not a fan of any of it as long as its in our yard.

I hope no crazy snake enthusiasts Google this and leave a mean comment.


Suzanne said...

Yuck! Well, Mark just informed me that he has killed snakes (plural!!) in our yard and he just hasn't told me about them. So, so much for my fence theory. I guess they're unavoidable. I really do wish a snake/lizard poison existed.

Cristi said...

Well, welcome to the club! It happens more here than I'd like it to, but William is always proud when he kills snakes in good ol' Buda. I heard on the radio that some folks up in Georgetown use "Snake Away" & it seems to work. I guess it's like a powder or something. Might be worth a try! I'm looking into it. I hate snakes. Yuck! That'll be 1 of my questions to the Lord when I get to heaven is, "why did you create them?" Argh!

David said...

Try sprinkling some hair in the yard. That's supposed to work for deer and armadillos. I'll lend you some of mine. It seems to be coming out very easily these days.

Lily is too precious. I love her "I love Daddy" picture.

Yaya said...

Horrid! Love all God's creatures.