Monday, October 29, 2007

Jeff is away for a whole WEEK---its torturous!!! I started getting homesick for him about 3 hours BEFORE he left. I got that same nervous feeling that I get when I leave Lily so I can run to the store or something.

With Christmas around the corner, (and the land of nod catalog just arrived) here are:

Lily's favorite things (like Oprah's favorite things...except these are a few things we CAN'T afford really-but I would like to get for her this Christmas or a Christmas to come)

1. The Rose Petal Cottage

she's still a little young for this... but I would have been salivating over this as a little girl. Lily WILL have this someday.
2. The 2 in 1 learning kitchen
the commercials make this kitchen look so cute. Nana purchased this already for Lily's 1st Christmas. I always loved a good kitchen set. I was so excited to get one with running water for Christmas one time... it turned out that you had to put water in a tray and then pump yourself silly to get it to come through the faucet. I found that pretending to have running water wasn't too bad after all.

3. BlaBla Toy
I can just see her dragging one of these precious knit friends around everywhere she goes.

4. Animal Stacking Towers

5. Books of all shapes and sizes.

6. Educational toys and games

7. This entire outfit
especially the converse sneakers.

Special surprise for my readers:
You're getting all of these thi-ings! you are and you are and you are and you are... (Oprah's favorite things show allusion)

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