Monday, June 11, 2007

Due to technical difficulties... I have been unable to update for about a month. However, here are the important things that have happened in Texas Olson family life over the past few weeks...

I had a very nice shower hosted by Suzanne in May. Its always so touching when people go to a lot of trouble for you, but you almost feel guilty. It meant a lot to have people come down for it.

School is over!!! Although it seemed impossible, I, though 8 months pregnant, survived the last day with kids, packed up about 9 tubs full of books and teaching stuff, cleaned my classroom, and have still yet to recover from the back pain.

We've moved, we've decorated, we've planted flowers, we officially have a home. Small town life has already reared its ugly head in our struggle to get internet service in our "remote" location. The people in India have been less than a breeze to work with. I don't think I've ever seen Jeff so close to tears as the day our cell phone, internet, and home phone service all had problems. I will put up pictures of the house as soon as we have internet.

I got my 2nd 3D ultrasound to find that Lily has dimples and is a lot chubbier. She was priceless in the ultrasound. 7 trainees were all looking at her and she did something different every time... smiled, stuck her tongue out, sucked on her toe, posed on one arm (seen above), etc.

I've started my once a week doctor appointments to find that they are MOST unpleasant and that I am nowhere close to delivery. Lily weighs 6 1/2 lbs. and the doctor estimates that she'll be on the high end of 7 lbs at birth. Jeff is gone this week for his LAST trip I will allow before the baby comes. Although unlikely, I keep having horrible daydreams of being alone and driving myself an hour to the hospital with heavy contractions.

We successfully held my mom's 50th birthday party! Not a surprise, as planned, due to my dad's irrational fear of closing windows on his computer. I'm on it now, he's in Houston, and there are still about 27 things open. Therefore, it was not too shocking that my mom read his email from Suzanne and me. Anyway, I think it went well and she had a good time. She had a lot of back payment due from being the odd June birthday while the rest of us are in the same week in February.


Jenni said...

Girl, you are too cute! I wouldn't even know you're pregnant, but the belly gives it away. You look fantastic! I am so super excited to get to soon meet my beautiful niece (and see you and Jeff, too).

I hope Jeff is spoiling you. Carrying a baby is not an easy task.

Love you,

Suzanne said...

You are too cute, I agree with Jenni. I am glad to know you enjoyed the weekly pregnancy exam as much as I did--proving they are horrible--not that I just have a really low pain tolerance. This does not bode well for your ability to handle actual labor pains--just FYI. :)