Sunday, June 24, 2007

At this time, exactly 1 year ago, Jeffrey and I had just walked down the aisle and were enjoying our reception with all the people we love. Its weird how it seems like so much longer than a year... which could be because just 4 months in-- we skipped ahead to next biggest event after marriage. Funny that today, while eating our piece of freezer preserved wedding cake, I'm thinking... "What if Lily comes today on our anniversary... wait, was that a contraction!?"

If its true that the first year of marriage is the hardest, then we can DEFINITELY handle this. I can honestly say that I love Jeff more and more every day that I'm with him. Sometimes I miss the dating days when I'd re-apply make-up and perfume secretly in the bathroom at his apartment and even going to the grocery store together was new and exciting... but hearing him serenade me with "Blue Skies" today in a nasal, faux-operatic voice with his nostrils flared reminded me that we are in a different stage... and this one is fun too.

One thing about Jeff that I hate to love is that he always keeps me guessing. I'm constantly surprised by him . Most recently, Mr. "I don't show excitement", revealed that he researched, ordered, and read Don't Just Stand There: How to be Helpful, Clued-in, Supportive, Engaged, Meaningful, and Relevant in the Delivery Room. If that's not precious enough, he has already packed his hospital bag with several of my favorite snacks and other things the book suggested.
I am blessed to have him as a husband and Lily is blessed to have him as her dad.

Despite the fact that his ever changing and usually unflattering nicknames for me have settled right now on "Turd Ferguson", he will forever be my "Cute-head."

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Suzanne said...

Happy anniversary Shauna and Jeff! What a big year for you two. At first I was a little surprised that you were planning to get pregnant so soon after marriage, I thought you should wait at least a year. But now, I am SO HAPPY Lily will be here so soon. That was awesome planning on your part--Luke needs a buddy.

That is so cute that Jeff ordered and read the book and packed a bag. I know he will be great in the delivery room and as a dad in general.

I can't wait to be an aunt!!